Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to become a leading STEM focused elementary school in the UAE that drives innovation and ambition with our community.

The school’s vision is tied to UAE’s Centennial 2071 plan which is futuristic in its vision and directly relevant to our immediate efforts today. The plan “aims at investing in the future generations, by preparing them with the skills and knowledge needed to face rapid changes and to make the UAE the best country in the world by the next centennial in 2071.”

In this spirit, the executive team has built the vision for a school that coincides with the energy and vision of the Centennial 2071 plan. The vision of Fifth Dimension posits that excellent education is the lynchpin and catalyst for the future workforce.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Challenging our learners to be critical and creative thinkers
  • Promoting rigor across our curriculum so that children are stretched and challenged in their thinking
  • Establishing a foundational fluencies literacy and numeracy so that children can access the curriculum and therefore, build confidence in their learning
  • Encouraging children to pursue their interests and strengths so they are inspired to become lifelong learners and active participants in society
  • Instilling a sense of community throughout the school so that children and parents develop a sense of belonging and relatedness.


“To invest in future generations by preparing them with the skills and knowledge needed to face rapid change, pursue excellence and contribute to the public good.”

About Us

Fifth Dimension Elementary School will serve the diverse community of Dubai that will enrich an expanding knowledge economy. We believe the outcome will be a happy cohesive society aligned with the pillars of the Centennial 2071 plan. One central pillar is Excellent Education focused on advanced science, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

In light of our vision and mission, the following curricular attributes are central to our school:

  • STEM-focused education
  • Project-based learning
  • Hydroponic farming
  • California Common Core State Standards
  • Makerspaces
  • Virtual Reality Experiences linked to 21st Century Learning Skills
  • School-wide literacy plan.