Our Team

Our Team

Our team has been carefully selected for their abilities to create a unique learning environment to drive Fifth Dimension to success.

The main strategies our teachers will deploy are:

  • an emphasis on subject knowledge and passion on the part of the teacher in order to inspire a love of subject in their pupils
  • experiential learning as the starting point for all learning
  • classroom teaching that carries the lesson to students with vigor and pace and stretches students beyond the constraints of the syllabus
  • attention given to questioning techniques in order to mix higher level complex questions with more straightforward questions
  • well-structured lessons that involve group work and individual work, supported by stimulating resources
  • regular marking of students’ work that is detailed, individual and shows clearly how to improve/extend
  • the use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) techniques, to identify prior knowledge, to engage students actively, to boost feedback (two ways) and to support differentiated instruction where needed



Amire Raath

Vice Principal

Fadi Msalat

Quran Teacher

Zainab Bhavnagarwala

Inclusion Co-ordinator


Samah Belouazani

Pre KG

Karla Abadan

KG 1

Nancy Zarreer

KG 2

Rukayya Chulawala

Grade 1

Gillian Lazarus

Grade 2

Justin Jones

Grade 3

Suhail Azam

Grade 4

Kobus Basson

Grade 5

Batoul khaled Zidan

Arabic / Islamic

Alaa Al Rashed


Lourin Sukaria


Elwany Aly



Aarti Matai

Admissions / Front desk

Mai Haroun

KHDA Liaison and HR support officer

Anitha Chacko


Muhammad Naseer

Operation Manager

Deeksha Shetty

HR Manager