Core Attributes

Leadership – Fifth Dimension children will have good communication skills that will enable them to lead people to find resolutions, set a good example, are resilient, have courage, have a positive attitude and are dependable and reliable. Cultural literacy – Fifth Dimension children learn to understand the subtle nuances that come along with living or [...]

Core Competencies

Creativity– Fifth Dimension children think creatively by generating and exploring ideas, making original connections. They try different ways to tackle a problem, working with others to find imaginative solutions and outcomes that are of value. Critical thinking– Fifth Dimension children evaluate their strengths and limitations, setting themselves realistic goals with criteria for success. They monitor [...]

The Fifth Dimension Passport

At Fifth Dimension, every learner has a passport that contains our core competencies. We recognise that in today’s world, children need a variety of skills, competencies, and supporting attributes to succeed in future employment, higher education, and to be positive, active members of society. Our foundational fluencies drive our planning and assessment practices. MORE BLOG

American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges

As part of our commitment to improvement, we are seeking accreditation with the American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges. Although we know this is not compulsory for US curriculum schools in Dubai, we appreciate the formal review process, and we recognize the standards outlined by this body. This drive towards accreditation will align [...]

Nad Al Sheba Villas Residents’ Discount

With Nad Al Sheba Villas located within 5 minutes drive of Fifth Dimension Elementary School, the Nakheel community is a natural catchment area for our school. With more residents moving into the community, either by renting or buying, we’re delighted to be on the doorstep of the community. As a natural partner to Nad Al [...]

Digital Technology across the Curriculum

Digital technology will feature across the curriculum and will significantly contribute to achieving learner outcomes in all subjects. As part of our school’s vision, technology will be a central feature. Digital technology will be integrated effectively into the planning, teaching and assessment of all grades and subjects wherever relevant. We know that this is essential [...]

Schools in Nad Al Sheba

Within the Nad Al Sheba area, there are plenty of schools but the Nad Al Sheba catchment area of Fifth Dimension lacks a community focused school that is aspirational and inclusive. We know that within the Dubai landscape, there is a trend of parents seeking US curriculum standards whilst maintaining Islamic values and a strong [...]

Happiness and Well-being

At Fifth Dimension, we know that physical and emotional well-being are crucial to effective learning. In short, happiness, wellbeing, learning, enjoyment and success share a direct relationship with each other. Given the heavy social pressures and a world-wide pandemic that our children and communities have faced, now more than ever, we want to help our [...]

Our Kindergarten and Early Years Program

At Fifth Dimension we recognize the importance of offering a holistic and age appropriate learning environment in the early years, particularly at school entry level. We will implement the California Preschool Framework, alongside the Kindergarten Academic Standards. This framework supports children’s learning experiences by promoting learning environments that are: Age and developmentally appropriate Inclusive of [...]

The California State Standards

Our team benchmarked the educational standards and frameworks deployed in the United States. The California State Standards stood out for their balance of cognitive, behavioral and subject standards relevant to a child growing and learning in a fast-changing world. At Fifth Dimension, we will adopt the California State Standards and contextualise them for our local [...]

Literacy and Language Development

The acquisition of language is a dynamic, life-long process that permeates all learning in a complex global society. At Fifth Dimension, language and literacy development are critical, especially in the early years. Language Development and Literacy must be practiced across all content areas, and all teachers will align their lessons with appropriate standards related to [...]

Emirati Achievement

At Fifth Dimension Elementary School, UAE Nationals will have priority in school admissions.  As we’re located within Nad Al Sheba, we look forward to building strong community links with the families in the local area. Our school open events will introduce parents to Dr Terry and the prospective teachers of their grade. We recognize the [...]