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Happiness and Well-being

At Fifth Dimension, we know that physical and emotional well-being are crucial to effective learning.

In short, happiness, wellbeing, learning, enjoyment and success share a direct relationship with each other.

Given the heavy social pressures and a world-wide pandemic that our children and communities have faced, now more than ever, we want to help our learners focus on emotional wellness, and happiness.

Good humour and positive activity in schools are essential.  Children won’t access the curriculum, however brilliant they are, unless they are happy.   Happy and confident to ask questions, happy to engage, and happy to make mistakes.   To achieve this, senior leaders must foster a learning environment where everyone has a voice, and children are encouraged to engage in the co-construction of learning and establishment of the values which define the school community.   Above all, children need to know that they will be listened to.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence on the factors around happiness and well-being, which can then be applied in work with individuals and institutions. Having a better understanding of how to increase the likelihood of happiness with life, and how to channel the emotional pains of road blocks and failure en route, are the sort of skills that can substantially improve an individual’s progress.   Today’s generation of young people have emerged as a generation with a fear of failure, yet failure can help to define success.

Happiness is also part of UAE’s Centennial plans and it is also part of our school’s mission.

Happiness counts.  It matters in education.  A happy child is a child that is confident.   A confident child is a child that learns.  A child that learns is child who readily progresses and develops a ‘give it a go attitude’, and equips themselves with the skill set to reach their potential and grow from a learner of today to the leader of tomorrow.

As we move towards opening in September, 2021, we will share further details about our happiness and well-being program.


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