Literacy and Language Development

The acquisition of language is a dynamic, life-long process that permeates all learning in a complex global society.

At Fifth Dimension, language and literacy development are critical, especially in the early years.

Language Development and Literacy must be practiced across all content areas, and all teachers will align their lessons with appropriate standards related to language and literacy.

For parents that require additional tutoring after school, we will offer additional lessons delivered by language specialists so that children can develop their English language proficiency from an early age.

Our primary focus is to encourage a willingness and confidence to communicate before accuracy.

We will provide multiple opportunities to discuss, speak publicly, and to perform to an audience.

We recognize that native language proficiency provides the foundation for all other language learning. Therefore, we recognize our responsibility to support parents and students in continuing to develop their native language skills by helping students become confident and fluent in speaking and listening, reading and writing in order to fulfil their academic potential.


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