The California State Standards

Our team benchmarked the educational standards and frameworks deployed in the United States. The California State Standards stood out for their balance of cognitive, behavioral and subject standards relevant to a child growing and learning in a fast-changing world.

At Fifth Dimension, we will adopt the California State Standards and contextualise them for our local community.  The California Department of Education website articulates what the standards are:

  • Standards – provide a framework to organize both what learners should be able to do, and what they should know as they transition from grade level to grade level.
  • Curriculum – provides organization to the subject content, this may or may not include materials that can be used to demonstrate the learner’s attainment in each subject domain.

To infuse STEAM throughout our school, our staff and leaders will align the California State Standards vertically and horizontally across grade levels.

At the same time, we will meet UAE requirements in Arabic, Islamic Education, UAE Education and Moral Education. In compliance with KHDA expectations, the curriculum will also keep innovation at the forefront of our curricular approach through the STEAM focus and use of Makerspaces as incubators for ideation and innovation.


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