At Fifth Dimension, we are committed to the UAE National Agenda

We strongly believe in the value of assessment in providing descriptive feedback on learning. Without feedback, learning cannot happen.

To meet the National Agenda Parameter Testing requirements of the UAE, we will utilize assessment, data collection, data reporting, and data-informed actions. The variety of assessments will provide baseline data and progress attainment data at key points of the academic year.

At Fifth Dimension, children will take part in CAT4 test, Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests, classroom diagnostic tests, and end of unit assessments.

This assessment data will be used to plan and design the curriculum aligned to the students’ needs.

Records of how each student is progressing against age-related expectations will be compiled each term so they provide data for formal monitoring and inspection (related to inspection grade requirements. Teachers will also be expected to use the data to improve differentiation and to increase their appreciation of how their teaching impacts on students of different abilities and backgrounds.