At Fifth Dimension Elementary School, our Biodomes will provide children with a rich learning experience that enables creativity, experiential learning, and critical thinking.

Our bio-domes will be used as a Makerspace for design and technology, an ecology dome that focuses on plant science and hydroponic farming.

Over the course of a week, we will ensure that each child’s experience is dynamic, fluid, and with a mixture of inquiry based tasks, direct instruction, and engagement with technology, live group sessions, and interactive learning. Students will learn the importance of environmental sustainability which has at its heart, the need for us all to think and behave differently.

Students will be encouraged to draw on inspirational examples from human history to be creative, imaginative, innovative and enterprising in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Our bio-domes will be aligned to our 21st Century Learning Skills so there is a clear connection between the curriculum components, and so that children become creators, as well as consumers of knowledge.