Curriculum Overview

To infuse STEM throughout our school, our staff and leaders will align the California Common Core State Standards vertically and horizontally across grade levels.

At the same time, we will meet UAE requirements in Arabic, Islamic Education, UAE Education and Moral Education. In compliance with KHDA expectations, the curriculum will also keep innovation at the forefront of our curricular approach through the STEM focus and use of Makerspaces as incubators for ideation and innovation.

By linking California Common Core State Standards, which provide a comprehensive and systematic evidence-based ‘entitlement’ for children of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, aptitudes and levels of achievement and ability, to a project-based and inquiry learning approach which better aligns the what of learning to students’ current knowledge and starting points, our curriculum approach can be as inclusive as our attitude to admissions and our inclusion policy that ensure individual needs are addressed through adaptation and extra support. It allows for comprehensive coverage and considerable flexibility and the approach has significant research, and institutional, backing.

STEM therefore is a cohesive and inquiry-based approach to education that allows the focus to emerge across our classrooms through the development of lifelong learning processes, providing learners the opportunity to grapple with problems, with enriched learning experiences. The following graphic displays modern combinations and components of STEM.

The US Curriculum provides a rich international curriculum with a STEM focus that is important to the Dubai community. The curriculum is bolstered with the inclusion of Arabic and Islamic Studies, celebrating and understanding Islamic values and encouraging awareness of Emirati and world cultures. The STEM focus enables student’s to learn important mind-sets, skills, and projects that will foster innovation within the curriculum.