In keeping with our philosophy, our students will be expected to challenge themselves and ‘have a go’ with our enrichment activities on offer.

Our teachers take a keen interest in the activities each of our students take on enabling them to guide them towards a balanced program that mixes learning domains as well as forms of learning. We promote participation in at least two clubs, societies and activities each term to ensure the all-round development of each of our students.

We offer activities that include drama productions, music performances, and art shows, fundraising and charity work, mathematics, coding, robotics, and a good range of extra-curricular sport like swimming and soccer. These are on offer both during and after the school day, making them accessible to all of our students.

In order to complement our approach to teaching, our school will have partnerships with Noxus (Virtual Reality) and Activitee (Sport).

All of our partners will align their resources and activities to our 21st Century Learning Skills so there is a clear connection between the curriculum components, and so that children become creators, as well as consumers of knowledge.