All our students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum.

We operate an inclusive school that enables students of all backgrounds and abilities to meet their potential and develop their strengths. All of our children will be valued and made to feel secure and supported, with opportunities to experience success. Effective assessment enables every child’s needs to be met successfully.

We assess and plan to meet individual students’ needs where necessary allowing qualified staff to help personalize our approach to each student.

Students will special needs are identified in a range of ways: through the entry assessments and transfer records during admission; through CAT4 testing and performance in all external examinations; teacher assessment in classrooms; performance in end-of-term or end-of-Grade exams (internal); and the student tracking system.

Our teachers are trained to identify qualities associated with common learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, and limited reading comprehension; the SENCO team works with each Grade Leader to examine the progress of low-performing and high-performing students, as well as students who are not making expected progress. The school will consult with parents and use professional services external to the school where there are specialist diagnostics or support required.

Teachers and support staff work closely with our SENCO team who have particular specialisms in early childhood development and behavior, sharing observations to ensure a unified approach to development and learning.