Passport to the future

The Fifth Dimension passport captures the skills that we expect all learners to work towards.

These skills come from our core pillars that we believe enable our children to grow into rounded individuals.

Teachers and children use this passport to track achievements towards the core pillars. Children will be given opportunities to demonstrate these required skills, which are central to the learning environment at Fifth Dimension.

If a teacher or member of staff observes one of the core pillars, and “I can” statements in action, they can sign against this skill, and mention the evidence.

Fifth Dimension children are expected to carry their passport with them at all times.

Passport stamps are awarded through demonstration of the Fifth Dimension pillars in action.  We appreciate the different ways in which children can show their contributions towards our school and we encourage them to demonstrate these core pillars across a wide range of activities.

Ambassador Visas are awarded to children who go above and beyond and to those who achieve all of the evidence within a core pillar.

So for example, all of the Life Skills statements are signed.

Excellence Visas are awarded to children who achieve 3 stamps across each core pillar.

So for example, if Life, Learning and Literacy indicators are all signed.

Children can get awarded for their achievements in every part of the school including:

  • In the classroom
  • In the playground at break-times
  • Through teacher observation of home learning
  • School assemblies
  • Sports events
  • Cultural events