At Fifth Dimension Elementary School, technology will be a central feature of the school, as children learn about different types of technologies, and their uses.

New technology tools will be used throughout the school with curated online content and smart projection tools for teachers and students to use.

Every possible technology will be on hand for children to learn how to use modern tools to problem-solve and construct the future world with opportunities for coding, design, making, control systems, robotics and AI, data analysis, hacking, designing Apps and all digital content and experience.

Children will be taught how to code from an early age, and how to use 3-D printers.

Fifth Dimension students will participate in gamified learning, virtual reality, creation of digital content, experiencing virtual field trips, reviewing, and critiquing online media sources as savvy digital consumers, and creators.

Learning about futurism, the internet of things, and Block chain will form part of the children’s experience so they are future ready, and digitally savvy.